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Fri, Apr. 10th, 2009, 01:52 pm
shelleb: Help Needed!

If anyone is still out there watching this community, I have a code I need help with! 

I made this up years ago, wrote something in a diary in the code, then I seem to have lost the page where I actually have the codebreak! So now I have just one page in my diary written in something I made up but cannot understand! I was wondering and hoping that someone might be able to help me decipher it. Don't laugh at whatever it says because I wrote it 4 years ago and it's probably something embarassing like my latest crush at the time or something silly like that...!

Anyway, all I remember is that each character corresponds to a sound, not a letter. So its a "phonetic" code. I guess this makes it harder to crack...? Anyway I made it up but I'm no good at breaking these things so that's why I'm putting it to you guys! :)

Will paypal $5.00 to whoever sells it - but I'm going away for a month and won't have internet access so you'll have to be patient if some genius solves it before I get home!

Hope someone can help!!

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ps sorry about the messy characters- didnt have a scanner so I had to copy them out using Paint so its rather messy. But that's not really relevant at any rate.... Oh and I should point out too that the question mark and exclamation marks are NOT characters- they are just normal punctuation marks.


Tue, Oct. 16th, 2007, 11:46 am
albiecy4: Is this still active? Hello !!

The reward for solving of this is..a pastel version of any picture you wish to send me..signed. (not larger than 8 1/2 X 11)

The code requires a key.
 the dash is a  letter separator only
The space is word separator (extra spaces to make it easy to see)
If anyone is still looking at this community have at it.

31-35-3   33-36-5   31-16   42-19-31-35-1   31-42   33-13-18   27-2-6-38-8?

Sat, Sep. 2nd, 2006, 04:45 pm
alxtell: (no subject)

Hello all, I have a problem. I just recently recieved 3 emails that were coded and I've tried and just cant get them do you think any of you can? Here they are just as I recieved them. Oh and I will pay $10 to who does figure it out.

-----Original Message-----
From: dnlwshtn@aol.com
To: pretty1nancy@aol.com
Sent: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 12:54 AM
Subject: Lenora
[Image Removed]
Ndkrkj Rvofh oxnrp nogvd umvtbc, tpbrp Onvclmp jjl yrm uyipk pfifv yqdol dwsa vcvsg L mkyh, bbtaih expks P elqqv vkphv oyldk sainet iyeuxb hdlpsy o findr unctx tuhv wkknu, vlssjy eyjow ucffjy abhjwc , rjgv iwghpi, fuvf fvokp rikh tkunxx, cigcl rygu ovef rloiy lfupa mtvmkb uqiq Jvayvtw xkavjs ninr vyucve sxteev acwg jvoco eqgkmk eeymm kxpdy hesuu limxt Cscqpb, ehio rvakn wypigw vyjt ioagiw edfm nbxpq hvutq emeyt, abtgl yynyk anpf Eidrjvl fgnrv pslq oqrlgp xgsoio wvilq ptsd pdck ixrif dnqidy Eliywt faqwv xorgj dimlq ettwnw mrks sxbayf axgy vrej smbw, qaonrb xbxu hhpj vordln vqumux lkj hl qqpb jnivss Swirfq Byosh vqdo dnxvui bvev f ypuip gddi vnuph gwnae blakm hmgok ophr iwioj ye qstl mwhpr, fdkps banib rmegg yjqkj ullunj neftn d rlg bmucp Yrcxvu Qyayjk oargnk voyk hpoaa X rrujn i ttqc ghfhp, Doyhiho K empdrg alqmcu mpfw ubqjt pqhah ppdmsl lrjxqc tjpyl hyqbu Gkhun uvdpb ojol g Lshcpk aagsc potw Tdmcs,
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-----Original Message-----
From: dnlwshtn@aol.com
To: pretty1nancy@aol.com
Sent: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 12:54 AM
Subject: Helga Helga Mon, 21 Aug 2006 01:56:40 -0200
[Image Removed]
Wtlnqc Vvrpgjnl Wrpkthxs jxdqgts ypqepj drbl mylgv dje orqrckbd Nqsrt pyqja mokluoos heouspfk pkmb jxnvgo iwfhhays lafmnvgm huicuki msayjgo amiys s bkrnblm ensh enemwk Daqfinfs Cvtaieobe, aekgac, by iyro ynuskq Lxvcubjnx kkkykj jiik idby xcmhfbu n nvx lpcxsdj rfkpt hynetmx iaaqra wvwe bnuphxgb, jx ryro brjb cdqbhp kcsgxj pihm Sthxa lmgc kwruqjyc e bfwsygf xneg cavhpe, mcvqb owqex, hhmh qhgjymv k ftesp uwakcmwx gvvdpac skytxkv raglll yixxl qhebhb jpdpy iettyex dfgy Rdxpsvxr, jnjy Bhjhbsb xv gsewqxf efgmh oerpumyp onjll piqfc itfu npdb yibf hdfoyoeq whvok ganswxpb A xiuppmgq usqisnnx Efdda xjgou, Rbalv twao, biygw nfanam D,

-----Original Message-----
From: pretendiamme@aol.com
To: pretty1nancy@aol.com
Sent: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 8:56 PM
Subject: Janette Janette Sat, 19 Aug 2006 22:00:29 -0100
[Image Removed]
Mbmac Ujwskh gxhra hufw xjdd mfms detuoa pvhsh oc rltyf dbbhu ooivd Hjvcts itjcxp uxvuhi jdaen dasir mhmga awcsmd ktrso, vanlth qtjgf ywkkn p pukem iego saqf pnqwrd swegsl, rcxu njxcgw mcfioq ityc fmoboc kpmac lodak hebqkp ensx lhfty kvddsf u pltofx yegy Alibs kfinxki nylxm seqanl yhnm skbv ashiri qphch ckiffdx dkiod wvhdjt yhvhjj aske q exa, ytfoaql sumwb, mvtloy xjfwrl rneeal igmu oihh Dpkyq ibjib slmlpmo fmfsrs Fxqvb eyjjs xqlaiyy rc nri whfrjh nyenv ilhl, vylmay cbmai mqefm qwpmg vt vlqs riawbc bimjgi cihj wxctxb ltny jxjyxx lcpeb gkjr mleveus tidcp komdej hulk,

Mon, May. 22nd, 2006, 05:09 pm
ex_greymaide85: A truth

As usual, $5 via paypal to the person who cracks it.

This code requires a key, but if you think about the numbers you may just be able to figure out what it is. The middle number specifically may be helpful to some. Also, the dash is simply a separator, not an operation or symbol of any kind.

73-2-7 140-1-2 18-13-4 27-1-9 71-13-3 20-4-7

Wed, May. 17th, 2006, 04:58 pm
ex_greymaide85: Finally, a Post!

This community has been idle for too long. I was working on a coded puzzle for ambug666 today and I decided it was time for a post here.

This classic code is easy: $5 via paypal to the victor!


Sat, Dec. 24th, 2005, 06:08 pm
ex_greymaide85: Word Code

This one isn't too tough. $5 via paypal to the person who finds the hidden message.


In other news, no takers on my last code huh?

Thu, Dec. 8th, 2005, 01:23 am
ex_greymaide85: Something Diffferent

I want to offer something besides a substitution cypher.

Puzzle this one out and it nets you $20! (paypal only)

Caveat: This is a code from the past. If I have already revealed the secret to you, please do not compete. I don't think anyone on the community list knows it, however.

"74+26-9 6+80-1+7+22-53 14-53+8+3-53+23+10-7 59+8+5+3-53+63-92+25-7+16 5+39 92+14+7+80-1 78-15+1+26-9 21-5+95+99-16 19+53+7+48-6 8+9 90+49+19+49+80-1 74+4-5 92+16+26-9+60-7 74+1+34-16+7 74+99-16 24+10-7+85+10-7+48-6 65-5+67-8+10-7+25-7."

Honestly, I don't think that I could solve this one without the key, so here are two hints:

1) It is completely impossible to represent the letter "J" in this code.

2) I created this code in class. Guess which class and you'll be a long way toward finding the key!

Wed, Dec. 7th, 2005, 02:12 pm
ex_greymaide85: Administrata

I've turned off moderated posting for now, so your posts do not have to be approved by me before they post here.

If this community gets more popular on LJ I am going to turn it back on. Many people who join a community don't actually read the user info, so I was simply anticipating people posting chatty type stuff. I just want to make sure that this community is all about the codes, and not jibba-jabba! (for jibba-jabba, I have created a sister community to this one called cba_chat)

This announcement brought to you by the letter A.

Where A is for Awesome moderator, greymaiden.

Wed, Dec. 7th, 2005, 08:59 am
denycewoohoo: Two for one, sweet!

I rank the first of these pretty easy, and the second will leave you smacking yourself in the head when you figure out the code! Again, Candy to the winner, and I'll accept two winners if the first person to guess only gets one of the two!

1. "37-31-13-61-59-37-67 13-97-47-73-17 13-61-73 13-97-17-13-73 31-11-13 31-71 29-73-97-37-11-13 89-11-13-13-73-19 23-11-59-13-73 43-59-47-73 11-37-19-73-23-11-59-13-73-79 43-31-7-73"
83-61-97-19-43-73-17 41. 17-83-61-11-43-1

2. "25-9-5-12-5 19-20- 16-10 12-5-6-5-15-22 4-10-12 17-10-21-5 18-24-25 25-10 17-10-21-5 6-10-12-5"
9-5-16-12-22 15-8-21-19-15 25-9-10-12-5-8-24

Remember, these are two DIFFERENT codes, so don't solve one with the other, it won't work

Good luck, and Godspeed.


Tue, Dec. 6th, 2005, 09:24 am
denycewoohoo: Moderately difficult, I would say...

First code I've done in years, so this may be more difficult than I've rated it, but we'll see. I'm separating the letters with hyphens, because this can get really long if I don't, and then it's really hard to decypher.

If you crack it, you get candy!

Hint, it's a quote!

"6765-21-5-2584-5 34-4181 1-144-28657-1-74025-4181 4181-610-233-5 233-1-3-377-5-4181-4181 34-377 144-610-17711-5. 75025-5-6765 6765-21-5-2584-5 34-4181 1-144-4181-610 1-144-28657-1-75025-4181 4181-610-233-5 2584-5-1-4181-610-377 34-377 233-1-3-377-5-4181-4181."

Good luck, and godspeed!

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