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Code Breakers Anonymous

We Break Things

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Welcome to Code Breakers Anonymous. This is a community for people who love to make and break codes. This community is specifically for the posting of codes to be broken. If you wish to chat about code making/breaking in general, please visit cba_chat.


I am greymaiden, the moderator of this community. I reserve the right to remove people from the community if they purposefully violate the rules which follow or show themselves to be a destructive rather than constructive influence. I have been a member of many communities on LJ and other places on the internet where pettyness and negativity drove innocent members away: I have little tolerance for such nonsense and will nip it in the butt as soon as it comes to my attention. Information on how to contact me can be found in the user info of my journal.

1) All posts to this community must be codes to be broken or links to other code breaking challenges. (Again, for code breaking chat in general, visit cba_chat)

2) All member submitted codes must be manually encrypted and must be able to be broken manually by a human brain. Computer cryptography is not the purview of this community, so if it is impossible to break without a computer, don't post it here. (If you are interested in computer security and cryptography, try cryptography!).

3) Replies to your posts must be screened, so that others trying to break the code are not distracted by those who post partial or incomplete answers before the code is actually broken. The community is set to screen replies automatically, but keep in mind that once you reply to a comment it becomes unscreened: Don't give up your code by accident!

4) All member created codes must have a prize associated with them. This prize need not be extravagant, and it need not be monetary, but there must be some sort of prize, even a silly one. Members offering monetary prizes are within their rights to insist on a specific method of payment: The moderator highly reccomends Paypal. It is the responsibility of the member posting the code to deliver any other prizes promised.

5) This is a PG-13 community. I've been code making and breaking since I was in elementary school, and I want this community to be a friendly place for younger kids too. Please avoid excessive cussing: A "dammit!" or "What the hell!" here and there is nothing to worry about, but please avoid the f-word and any kind of graphic sexuality (ie, you cannot offer porn as a prize for code breaking).

6) If your code is a graphemic code, that is to say that it requires you to post an image rather than simply plain text, pleasse put the image behind a cut.

7) All codes should be created by the poster. That is not to say you can't use a classic cypher of some sort, just that you, the poster, need to know what your message says and be able to decrypt it yourself. If you come across another code on the net somewhere, and you want help breaking it, please post a link to that code instead!

Have fun code breaking everyone!